Day 1 Reflection

Greetings from the basement/dungeon of Bellver College. Wide awake, well caffeinated and well chilled! Today was a a great hook with a sharing of the trends in Ed Tech. I really need to start following Free Tech for Teachers on a daily basis. So much good stuff. Today, I was particularly intrigued by the LiveScribe and the other “smart” pen, whose name escapes me, along with the AR tech, all presented by Craig.

My interests in Ed Tech are wide and varied, from the techie software side of things to the sociology and psychology of tech in education. My ed tech heros include George Curous, John Burns,  Dana Watts , Dave Warlick and Alan November.

Personally, I’m interested in tech integration for health, and would love to explore and experiment with media production.

Thanks for an interesting first day!

One thought on “Day 1 Reflection

  1. Craig Post author

    Hi Meagan,

    Welcome to to class! Glad to see you’re all moved into your blog. I agree that freetech4teachers is a must read – I’ll show you a neat trick later today on how to capture blog posts and save them for later using Pocket (automatically!) — I also have some fun animation resources lined up for later this week / early next week. See you in class!



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