Pinterest for Education

Pinterest. Not just a place to collect your decorating ideas!


The best things in education come from sharing among teachers.

1) Set up an account

2) Set up a Board and add collaborators who can also add to the collection of ideas and links.

Setting up Pinterest Board

Search for boards and pins with the same or similar focus

Searching for boards and pins


Refine your search.

Refine search

Find something good? An image? A link to a blog? A link to a general website? You can Pin it to your board, visit the website and/or follow this person who pinned the “object (or idea) of your desire”.

Find something good?

Any topic in education … Do you know a teacher who needs resources and ideas? Are you an administrator who needs inspiration?  it’s there.2015-07-23_1431

Be forewarned of the Face Book Effect … it’s a Time Sucker!



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