Reflection Day 3

My brain is hurting, but in a good way. More wonderful tools presented before the break, and I am just so thankful you have them referenced on the class website, Craig. Thank you … I’ll be coming back for weeks/months to come.

htmltextLargely, I’ve been “playing” this afternoon,, which I now believe to be a sickly sweet euphemism for learning by trial and error. But it is how I learn best, so all is good. Trial and error mostly related to html coding, what to teach and getting it to “work” in my own webpage. I had a bizarre experience, which I will talk through tomorrow … I could “embed” video from YouTube this morning at school to WordPress, but could not do it when I came home, prompting a bit of research and discovery that WP does not allow it. (But it allowed me this morning …. <frustration> ….</frustration>.

My three mini-lessons for tomorrow will hopefully prove useful to others … the Pinterest and TweetDeck appealing to the PD side in people and html widget creation appealing to the inner geek. I’m unsure why I couldn’t find the ready-made widget for embedding the latest Tweets into the blog, as I have done on my personal WP site. For follow up tomorrow.

One of the things I have thought a lot about in my time as a tech-positive-trying-to-walk-the-talk administrator is the time I spend making videos, updating my blog, designing spreadsheets and pivot tables, doing mail merges for certificates, and the list goes on … but that is all time I am not in classrooms and hanging out with kids and teachers, just getting to know them. I love the creative and product oriented side of creating media, and crunching data so that it leads to some ah-has, but I wonder if it the best use of my time. I felt a huge weight off my shoulders when I let go of being the “go-to” person for our student management system as far as getting learning goals input into it, and helping teachers with their grade books and then producing report cards. I loved the challenge of getting the system to do something it was not designed to do, but I always felt there were others who were better suited to tackle the challenge if they had the time and felt an urgency to do so.

Time … it all comes down to time and priorities.

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  1. Craig

    So I took a look into the embedding issue and found that WordPress released a new version last night which automatically updated our site. This new version overwrite some of my custom “rules” that allow you to embed media into your posts / pages. I made some changes and now things appear to be working. Sorry for the inconvenience! Of course this had to happen the night before your cloud software presentations – perfect timing! 🙁

    I love that you are willing to get your “hands dirty” and hack around with software to make it perform in new / interesting ways. Having the willingness to experiment and not get frustrated with technology is an incredibly useful skill for anyone to have! See you soon!


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