Hashtags, Twitter and Tweet Deck for Teachers

If you are brand new to Twitter, this screen cast is a good place to start, right from how to sign up for a Twitter account and customize it to meet your needs. Beware: 25 minutes long but super easy to follow.

Hashtags are the search engine of the Twitterverse. Not just for tweeting out to the world where you are or a picture of your cappuccino. Connect with educators using hashtags on specific topics. Connect with educators in “chat groups”. Great 8 min. video below on using hashtags in education.


A sample of popular hashtags within the education community.

General Education

#k12 #edchat #teaching

Education Leadership

Connected Principals – #cpchat #edleaders #edadmin #edpolicy #edreform #msadmin

Check out the real authority for Twitter in Education as a PD Resource

Cybrary Man’s Educational Web Sites

Participate in Twitter Chats for learning.

Education Chats

Chat calendar weekly

2015-07-23_1913 2015-07-23_1917                                                                                           Use Tweet Deck and Hoot Suite (mobile device compatible) to keep track of it all.




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