Reflection – Day 4

Random thoughts and discoveries in no particular order …

      • I’ve had my Mac for five years now … I liken the experience to owning a 2010 Saub or Audi, but I’m driving it like a 1986 Chrysler K car … using only the basic features and not taking advantage of the bells and whistles. This class is allowing me to appreciate the sweet side of my Mac such as Quicktime and Keychain.
      • the Aurasma App for iOS and Aurasma Studio accounts for the desk/lap top accounts don’t sync, even if they have the same login user and password. Weird, but good to know so you don’t start a mobile device based project and then try to edit an AR project on the desktop – you can’t. Read more at this good blog by a teacher who uses AR in her kindergarten.
    • But I did create an AR birthday card for my mom, with the trigger being the front of a Canadian passport, since I didn’t have any other “standard” images at hand, which would also be available for my family to set up. Reading the blog above, I realized, stylized large font on a computer screen also makes a good trigger, so I could have made a birthday card graphic trigger and sent it as a link. (And as an aside, I am feeling mighty proud of figuring out how to make this embedded YouTube video “float” to the left of this text. Searching, copying, pasting, tweaking and using my best guess method to write code to the rescue.  I totally guessed as to what the code to indent the video on the left would be so it lined up with the other bullets).
    • Am feeling a bit of a love-hate thing with Apple at the moment, as I realize my “old” hardware (iPhone 4S) makes new tricks impossible. More in my response on Craig’s post about making QuickTime movies.
    • Learned so many cool things from my classmates yesterday in their presentations. From Eric’s I am keen to try the Meograph. From Julia’s, I’ve already downloaded Pic Collage and will give it a wing this afternoon in the musuem, from Brittany’s presentation, I’m going to pass on the comic strip creator to my colleagues, since middle school kids LOVE graphic novels … now they can create their own. From Sura’s presentation I want to explore GoNoodle and what might be out there for MS kids and couch-potato adults who can sit for hours at a time on their computer (yes, that’s me). And the Equil Smartpen presented by Rob, has me determined to figure out how I can use it both personally and professionally. I’m convinced that there would be a cool way to incorporate it into the Readers and Writers Notebooks that are key in the language arts workshop model.
    • Tomorrow’s project (after the exam) – figure out the smartpen and get ifthisthenthat going with Feedly and Pocket.
    • Thinking about the final project and how to make it helpful in my next “phase”. Thinking about productivity and organization, thinking about health – both my mom’s and mine, thinking about tech opportunities and limitations as I try to help my friend do PD in a rural school in Nepal, thinking about working with adults and kids who are on the margins both socially and economically when I move back home and how tech might help me and them. Choices, choices.

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