Day 6 Reflection

My brain has been WordPressed … but with a little overnight consolidation I am hopeful to put some informawordpressmemetion into long term memory and work with Julia to get this all figured out for our presentation on Thursday. Hopefully we can produce something that will be of use to others in the class (or anybody else at our level of experience) if they are keen to move beyond the basic .com cookie cutter product (which I now see some simplistic advantages to using  … this will all be good in the end.)

Wonderful image editing tricks presented this morning, especially the one for making the background transparent (for free!). I will use that somehow. Digital storytelling … so many obvious applications for elementary kids, but I bet MS and HS kids could create thoughtful products, demonstrating their understanding of concepts in many subjects. Our 8th graders have traditionally produced an iMovie reflecting back on their lives, but incorporating storytelling tools may be a welcome option for them.

And, as mentioned, most the pie chart of my mind was dedicated to getting off the ground, with Craig doing most of the heavy lifting this afternoon outside of class for the set up. Thank you, Craig!!!! I want to take a full blown course in this this fall, and get the process for setting this up so I more fully understand what we did today, especially the FTP, modifying the code and the ins and outs of the security plugins. As the theme seems to be going, I have enough knowledge to get in trouble with so many aspects of tech, but not enough to get myself out of i! For some reason, when I was trying to follow a friend’s blog on my reader this afternoon, a new WordPressblog site seemed to be have been created, not connected to either my work, the TCNJ, my personal tetheredexpat blog nor the new one we created this afternoon. Automagically it seems I had an account (without any pages) created for meaganpavey2015. Hmmm … a strategy by WP to get me to create an account, not knowing I am already juggling too many? 🙂

I really appreciate the “building and modifying a prefab house on a plot of land” analogy Craig used with me today.  I think Julia and I might run with that one. To be determined Wednesday.

An ode to the gif animation

And another significant accomplishment for the day … bought two bottles of cava and two cartons of juice for our class fest on Thursday. Vitamin C and hydration are important for learning. Need to find some plastic glasses!

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